Why Would You Even Think of Starting a Business?

Starting a Small Business – Does it Make Sense?

Don’t we all dream about owning a franchise, a small business or even a bigger one? Yes, many of us do. What is so intriguing about it?

After all, if you have a job what else do you want? You show up to work at 9 a.m. and leave at 5 p.m. Try to do that in your own business. No chance. You work long hours, much longer than in a regular job.

So it is the money, then? Not at the beginning. When you start, you are not making the money that your current job would pay. After all it takes some time for any business to get up to speed.

Being the boss? Yes you are. Which entitles you to do all the worst jobs that you cannot find or afford to hire anyone to do. At the beginning you are everything. Cleaning the place – well, you may have to do it. In your current job that would never happen.

So what is this that makes owning a small business so intriguing? For me here is the list

1. The ability to create something. Start with an idea. A brand new one or an existing one. It could be a business idea that you dreamed up in the shower or an existing franchise concept and anything in between. It will be up to you to make it happen. And when it is done the feeling is unbelievable. You are on cloud nine.

2. Being your own boss. Yes you will have to do jobs that you would never do in your current job. But no one will tell you to do so. You will do it because it is your business and you want to succeed at it. That is Freedom! You are really your own boss.

3. The sweet smell of success. Yes, when you start making money, your new business is successful, it is the greatest boost to your ego.

4. The ongoing challenge of growing your small business bigger. This assures that you never get bored.

5. And finally the money. Yes my friend a good business can potentially make you more money than any job you can find. No question about it.

Conclusion – it is worth it. So if you dream about it go ahead start up a business – see what happiness really is.

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